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Thank you for visiting the website for my new book, NEUTRINO, a 5-star rated Young Adult Science Fiction Adventure. I appreciate your interest, and hope you read the story and let me know how you liked it. NEUTRINO is available exclusively for Kindle on Amazon.

NEUTRINO is a unique science fiction adventure suitable for young adults, but with a plot that's complex and suspenseful enough for readers of all ages. The plot is an exciting, intriguing journey filled with unexpected twists and surprises.


A UFO crash lands in front of you. An alien pilot staggers from the cockpit. What would you do? That is the dilemma facing Sara Baker at the beginning of NEUTRINO.

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A UFO crash lands in an East Tennessee meadow, coming to a stop only meters from 14-year-old soccer star, Sara Lynn Baker. When an alien pilot staggers from the cockpit, Sara faces a monumental dilemma: Does she tell the world or keep the craft, and it’s pilot a secret?

Sara’s choice quickly entangles her in events with intergalactic consequences. She discovers that Earth, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, is home to one of the galaxy’s most precious commodities…

And thus begins the NEUTRINO saga, stretching from a pastoral East Tennessee meadow, to the dusty red plains of Mars, and across the galaxy. Follow Sara Baker on a whirlwind adventure where she discovers that her world isn’t as it seems. And where Earth’s future and hers hang in the balance...

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Neutrino Sci Fi Adventure


Sara’s reflexes snapped to life only an instant before the aircraft reached the stream. She took a couple of running steps to her right and then dove just as it jumped the far bank. The front of it dropped into the knee-deep water, throwing a wave of white spray high in the air. For an instant, frozen in midair, Sara was framed by the white splash of water, the aircraft nearly obscured in the spray. Then time sprang forward and Sara landed hard on her stomach in the grass as a torrent of cool creek water cascaded over her. The aircraft slammed into the near stream bank, splattering a blast of brown mud and silt into the air. Its momentum rocked it forward, nearly flipping it over, and then its tapered tail fell slowly onto the far bank where it landed with a thud.

Completely drenched, Sara lay trembling in the wet grass with her arms over her head and her eyes closed tightly. A tiny whimper escaped from her throat as she tried to catch her breath and gather her senses. Her grasp of reality became tenuous. Was she in the middle of a nightmare, or was this real life? Given the incredible event she had just experienced, the odds tilted in the direction of nightmare.

About The Author

Nuetrino Book Cover

NEUTRINO began as a simple short story I wrote many years ago about a young girl who witnesses the crash of a flying saucer. The story grew and the plot became more intriguing and complex until it eventually became the saga that only begins with this book. Hopefully, readers will enjoy the story and characters as much as I did creating them.

I have loved science fiction movies and books since childhood and have created science fiction stories my entire life. As a youngster my bedroom bookshelves were filled with paperbacks of Sci Fi authors like Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and many others. Many of my favorite movies are classic science fiction dramas like Blade Runner, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Alien and War of the Worlds.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about NEUTRINO. I would love to hear from you.

Born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in Southern California, Doug is the father of 2 adventurous young men. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife of more than 30 years.

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